About eNatya Chaupal

eNatya Chaupal is the first web hangout for talking theatre. Not being limited to a physical space, this unique web hangout will feature programmed play readings, talks, conversations, discussions surrounding theatre.

eNatya Chaupal will enable all those interested in theatre to participate in a manner that’s engaging, convenient and interactive and will bring together theatre people from India and from other parts of the world.

eNatya Chaupal will give impetus to the ongoing discussions about theatre at home and abroad.

eNatya Chupaal takes off from the traditional meeting-place in an Indian village to create a platform that will bring together the local, regional and the global.

eNatya Chaupal hopes to be a lively meeting place for all those who enjoy theatre and are curious to engage with it.

eNatya Chaupal will bring an added value to the online resources and technology that the theatre community can avail of.

eNatya Chaupal is a joint initiative by Mumbai Theatre Guide and Astitva.