eNatya Chaupal at the Drama School Mumbai… Lokshahir Sambhaji Bhagat in conversation with Ramu Ramanathan.

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm (IST)
Venue: The Drama School, Mumbai, Purandare Hall, 5th floor, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangh, Girgaon, Charni Road East, Mumbai
Watch it live: www.youtube.com/enatyachaupaleNatya Chaupal, our e-platform for talking theatre collaborates with the Drama School Mumbai (DSM) for its public series of talks and discussions. These events will feature theatre experts who will share their specific experiences and are open to all.Since eNatya Chaupal is also about having conversations about theatre, we thought it would be perfect for the two platforms to mutually gain from each other and in turn be of benefit to a wider audience. One of the best things about this partnership is that if you cannot attend the events, you can still watch them live online from wherever you are and they will also be available for viewing later on You Tube.

The first eNatya Chaupal at the Drama School Mumbai (DSM) featured renowned mono artist Shekhar Sen in conversation with the well-known writer and actor Atul Tiwari.

The upcoming programme features the prominent Lokshahir Sambhaji Bhagat in conversation with playwright-director Ramu Ramanathan.

The talk will centre on Dalit Theatre. Dalit theatre has been accorded a footnote in Indian theatre. One reason is: it has been pigeon-holed as the voice of suffering or depicting one-sided portrayal of caste problems. Shahir Sambhaji Bhagat along with a duff is changing that perception. His performances in the bastis and maidans make the politics of Phule, Ambedkar and Marx, crystal-clear and accessible to everyone. Sambhaji Bhagat will speak to Ramu Ramanathan about how Dalits have to re-invent the idiom of protest and even today, there are lessons to be learnt from Amar Sheikh and Annabhau Sathe.

About Sambhaji Bhagat:
Lokshahir Sambhaji Bhagat, is a poet, singer and perhaps among the most prominent Dalit protest musicians in Maharashtra today. He was felicitated at the Marathi International Film & Theatre Awards (MIFTA) in Singapore for the music-design of his play “Shivaji Underground in Bhimnagar Mohalla”. His play Bombay-17, based on the lives of people living in Dharavi slum area opened in Mumbai in early August 14. Very recently, “Court” the debut film by Chaitanya Tamhane to which Sambhaji has given music for, has been selected for the Venice International Film Festival. Sambhaji also teaches History at Sadhana Vidyalaya in Sion, Mumbai.”

About Ramu Ramanathan:
Ramu Ramanathan is a playwright-director who says he has penned more plays than he should have. His list of plays includes COTTON 56, POLYSETER 84; JAZZ; COMRADE KUMBHAKARNA; and more recently, POSTCARDS FROM BARDOLI.

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eNatya Chaupal at the Drama School Mumbai… Lokshahir Sambhaji Bhagat in conversation with Ramu Ramanathan.

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